Grffn Commissioned by the Welsh Government

Food Quality Testing Report

Grffn was commissioned by Jenny Rathbone – MS for Cardiff Central – to measure the nutrient density of fruit and vegetables sold in five retail outlets in Cardiff. Paul’s Organic Veg at Roath Farmers Market came out top, with Waitrose second, closely followed by Wellfield Road Barrow. This is the beginning of developing a food quality standard.

Brix values were used to award first, second, third place, etc. However, most samples tested poor to average according to the Brix tables, with only two samples measuring good (from Paul’s Organic Veg). Results were included in the 22nd September 2021 Senedd debate that Jenny led on Nutrient Density of Local Fruit and Vegetables, which was very well received by the Deputy Minister of Health (transcript available here). In conclusion, she emphasised the need to understand more about food quality and how it can be used to reduce ill health, particularly in relation to diet-related noncommunicable diseases:

“I hope the Welsh Government will look at the nutrient density of veg and fruit that is bought for our schools, hospitals and care homes to ensure that we really are maximising the health of our nation … and that this will provoke a much wider debate amongst the general public about what they need to be looking for when they are shopping.”

Jenny Rathbone

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