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Matthew Adams

Deep Ecologist and Holistic Environmental Manager 


Matthew’s work focuses on developing projects for education and research around growing food for nutrition. Author of ‘Beyond Organic, a Vision of the Future’, published in the Soil Association’s journal Mother Earth. Matthew contends that food quality should be defined by its nutrient qualities, which if a standard were calibrated correctly, will lead humans towards forming a symbiotic relationship with nature because it would require healthy soil, water and air to grow better food plants, increase biodiversity of soil and gut microorganisms which would lead to better health of animals and humans.

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Steve Carter

Scientific Officer 

Steve Carter - former physics teacher and then Scientific Officer for Bristol City Council, looking after a network of air pollution monitors and the occasional water monitoring. 
Has lived in Somerset, Tenerife, Nottingham and then for four years on a narrowboat touring British canals; learning how to be very eco friendly and closer to nature.
Now living in Trefin, Pembs. Enjoys walking the coastal path, cooking, classical music and now, antique electric clocks. Passionate about food - its origins, taste and environmental impact.

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Silke Gebauer

Soil Health Practitioner, Nature Facilitator

Silke joined Grffn after graduating from the Soil Food Web school where she gained hands-on experience in biological soil management for regeneration and various composting methods for food waste, and agricultural management.

On this journey, Silke has come to understand how conventional agriculture harms the whole entity of our natural world including humankind. She advocates for growing practices that respect and complement the intelligence and potentiality of our ecosystem resulting in highly nutritious and energetic food. It is clear to her that ecological and sustainable practices bring about health, happiness and harmony whilst connecting us profoundly to one another and the natural systems that sustain us.

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Dr Henry Russell

Founder, Russell Regen

Henry founded Russell Regen following 15 years in the agricultural supply, academic and charity sectors with a purpose to accelerate the transition to a truly regenerative food system. This focuses on regeneration of the whole food chain, with farmers and growers enjoying a good quality of life and purpose in their work; Nature displaying flourishing ecosystems and a reversal of its degradation; and Society offered healthy, nutritious food and a reconnection with food growers. Henry holds a PhD in Biomedical Sciences and is an Accredited Professional in Holistic Management through the Savory Institute.

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