Growing Real Food For Nutrition CIC

Learning how to grow, measure and promote the benefits of nutrient dense food

Grffn’s vision is for a world where all food is grown for its nutritional qualities using regenerative practices, and made accessible to all, creating an abundance of health and harmony, reconnecting humans with Mother Earth 

Grffn’s mission is to deepen citizens’ understanding of how we derive nutrition from natural processes and to realise its impact on human development

We are what we eat

WE ARE WHAT WE EAT / THINK Artwork by Theo Adams

This picture is intended as a symbol for reflection, whilst considering the central question that Grffn is asking. What is nutrition from an expanded worldview?

How the majority of citizens understand nutrition today is represented on the left of the picture (control over nature). On the right is a vision of the future (cooperation with Mother Earth), which can only be achieved as the result of a pardigm shift. Standing in the middle is a food plant, representing the relationship these two worldviews have with nature, which effects the quality of food we grow and eat. In the background are some of the environmental impacts they create.

Please feel free to contact Grffn and share your thoughts on what nutrition means to you.