Growing Real Food For Nutrition CIC

Exploring how to grow, measure and promote the benefits of nutrient dense food

Our vision is for a world where all food is grown for its nutritional qualities using regenerative practices. Nutritious food will be made accessible to all, creating an abundance of health and harmony, reconnecting humans with Mother Earth

Growing Community

We want to create a community of growers, chefs, nutritionists and food citizens; everyone who is a steward of our food future. 

Citizen scientists measuring food for nutrient density can tell us all we need to know about the quality of the soil it was grown in.

Growing Knowledge

With simple equipment you can test the quality of food based on nutrient density and relate this to comparative taste tests. 


Record your data to establish a baseline and compare results with other growers and learn from each other. Adapt your growing practices for the next season.

Food Citizens…

Chefs, nutritionists, food citizens – check the quality of the ingredients you use for nutrient density. to maximise taste health and good stewardship of the planet. 

Become a Member

Be part of improving food quality. Be part of improving the health of people and planet

The Bionutrient Meter

Grffn is supporting the development of the Bionutrient Meter which is currently being developed to test the nutrient density of fruits and vegetables, in real-time, fulfilling our shared mission to build a nutrient dense future.

Bionutrient Meter

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