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Learn about food quality and how this can increase the health of people and planet. As a grower you can record your data, establish a baseline and compare results and learn alongside other growers.  Adapt your growing practices for the next season. Chefs can develop new markets for menus specialising in nutrient dense ingredients; Health professionals using food as medicine can compare different foods and adapt suggestions for their clients.

Become a citizen scientist, share your data, learn from others and help build an open source, food quality standard that monitors your progress on increasing soil and food quality, to grow more nutrient dense crops.

As a GRFFN member, you receive:

  • Options to purchase measuring tools, products and services.
  • Your personal Brix recording sheet.
  • Access to join our online forums for peer-to-peer learning and support.
  • Discounts to innovative events and workshops.
  • Periodic newsletters with regular updates about our lab testing progress.
  • Invitations to join our webinars.

We strongly believe that money should not be a barrier. Bursaries are available, please click the button to the left to contact us.

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