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Measuring food for nutrient density can tell us all we need to know about the quality of the soil it was grown in.

Join us on our journey of learning how to grow and measure nutrient dense food and help develop the right yardstick for assessing food quality.

BRIX Testing

measures carbohydrates to assess how well the plant was able to photosynthesise as an indicator of nutrient density. Anybody can do this with simple, basic equipment. Record your data on our database and compare results to others. Make changes to your growing practices and check the results next season.

BRIX Project:
Food Quality Testing in Wales

Grffn was invited by Social Farms & Gardens (SF&G) to participate in their project Sustainable Food Procurement for Local Prosperity.

350 samples of different fruits and vegetables, sourced from 20
local growers and retail outlets in Cardiff, Carmarthenshire and Powys, were tested. Click the button below to see the results.

The Bionutrient Meter

Grffn is supporting the development of the Bionutrient Meter which is currently being developed to test the nutrient density of fruits and vegetables, in real-time, fulfilling our shared mission to build a nutrient dense future.

Matara Trial Garden

Grffn’s trial and demonstration garden is based at The Matara Centre, Kingscote, Gloucestershire.The garden was launched in Spring 2021.

The trial garden is enclosed by a living hedge and divided into four plots. We are testing three different growing methods plus a control.

Food Quality Testing Report

Grffn Commissioned by the Welsh Government

Grffn was commissioned by Jenny Rathbone – MS for Cardiff Central – to measure the nutrient density of fruit and vegetables sold in five retail outlets in Cardiff.

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